When You're Stumped by Tree Problems, Call Steel Roots Tree Services

We provide stump grinding services in and around San Antonio, TX

Even though you cut down your tree years ago, saplings are still growing out of the stump. Steel Roots Tree Services can get rid of that eyesore once and for all, simply by providing you with stump grinding services.

We'll turn your stump to mulch so you'll never have to uproot another sapling. Call 210-352-5692 today to request stump removal services in the San Antonio, TX area.

You won't regret getting rid of a stump

Grinding your stump down means bidding adieu to...

  • Destructive pests - carpenter ants and termites feast on rotten wood, making stumps an attractive food source.
  • An accident waiting to happen - we'll get rid of the tripping hazard to help protect your kids and pets.
  • Your neighbors' judgmental looks - an old stump can be an eyesore, so removing it can boost your curb appeal.
We'll check for underground utility lines before we get started. Reach out today to trust your stump removal project to a pro in San Antonio, TX.