"Wood" You Believe You Have a Hazardous Tree?

3 signs you need tree removal services in the San Antonio, TX area

Sickly trees stand out in the summer, when most of your trees are leafy green. If any of the trees on your property look out of place with their wilted brown leaves, or if they've sustained storm damage, you'll want to cut them down ASAP.

Steel Roots Tree Services specializes in hazardous tree removal. Reach out today if one of your trees has...

  • Dead or discolored leaves
  • Exposed roots or a hollow trunk
  • Mushrooms growing around the roots
You can trust us to cut your tree down safely.

You can relax while we do the work

Is a tree growing too close to your garage, power lines or nearby buildings? If the answer is yes, request tree removal services right away. Our hazardous tree removal specialist in San Antonio, TX is able to work in tight spaces without causing damage to structures.

If you'd like a free estimate on tree removal services, call 210-352-5692 at your convenience.